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weRAGEon is a project inspired by early HIV activism of the 1990s. Having met at university in Norwich, UK, Will Nutland and Gabi K embarked on a journey as activists that took them to World Aids Conferences in Amsterdam in 1992 and Berlin in 1993. Gabi, a young budding filmmaker, carrying a heavy VHS film camera on her shoulder, shot hours of footage of activists, demonstrations and interviews. Will, an avid horder, collected boxes of photos, pamphlets and paraphernalia.

In the intervening years, Will and Gabi's lives moved in different directions but with their paths regularly crossing, the conversation always returned to what they might do with the archives they'd collected over the years.

With the footage sitting dormant in dusty cardboard boxes in east London for almost two decades, in 2015 Will and Gabi finally took the leap to bring the archives back to life. Originally envisaged as a traditional documentary film, weRAGEon has morphed into the beast you see today.

weRAGEon seeks to do more than just tell stories from our past. It seeks to inspire, to influence, and to create new generations of activists and advocates.

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weRAGEon is a work in progress. In coming months and years we'll be adding to the site. We'll be collecting, writing, filming and recording – and building new stories that inspire and influence.

If you recognise yourself in the footage, get in touch. If you have a story to tell, we'd love to hear from you. If you've got a perspective to share from the actions we've catalogued in the RE-ACT section, we'd love to know more. If you have lessons to share about building new generations of activities and advocates, then we'd like nothing more than to hear from you.

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Every effort has been made to contact owners of copyrighted material and to acknowledge creators of original materials. If your material has been used but is uncredited please get in touch and this will be rectified.

thank you!

We want to thank the following for their support in launching the first phase of weRAGEon: Adeola, for our inspiring name; Jude and Carl, for initial interviews; Richie, for early creative inspirations; Ben Hole, for video editing; Guillem Matallanas, for exceptional creativity in designing the website + providing creative direction; Souleyman Messalti, for additional filming.

The first development phase of We Rage On was made possible with a generous grant from the MAC Aids Fund.

weRAGEon is a project of The Love Tank and GK Creative Solutions.

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Website image and archive credits:

Bill Bytsura (Will in 1992); Henri Blommers (Will & Gabi in 2018); Bill Bytsura, Chris Killick, Will Nutland (homepage slideshow); Gabi Kent (RageOn teaser archive & filming).

Please find credits of specific archival material enclosed in individual case studies.